Stainless Steel Marine Propane Tank Holder

Stainless Steel BBQ Propane Tank Holder, easy to securely Mount on your Boat, Can be mounted on a aft Stanchion , Transom & swim Platform.Free shipping, Designed and Manufactured  in Canada

As a mariner, there is a good chance that you will Sail / Motor from early Spring ,(after it warms up a bit!), all Summer and late into the Fall (when the freezing weather arrives!). If you have a Rail Mount Marine BBQ you may want to Barbecue your food most days. The small disposable propane bottles do not contain enough propane or heat to cook anything but the simplest meals. These bottles can also present a storage and disposable problem. Now You can stop using those small disposable Propane Bottles. With our Stainless Steel Propane Tank Holder and a REFILLABLE Propane Tank you can cook better, more interesting and greater variety of meals that add to your on the water pleasure.

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