Stain Fast- Made in Canada- Double Braid Nylon Bulk Rope Rope has good ware resistance and ultraviolet protection. It also has a high breaking load (BL) Strength :: 3/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 5000lbs 1/2 dia (BL) Strength approx 8000lbs 5/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 15000lbs 3/4 dia (BL) Strength approx 19000lbs7/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 26000lbs 1 dia (BL) Strength approx 31000lbs

Marine Lines : As with all safety equipment the boat owner, operator, user has the final responsibility to ensure the safety of the craft and all on board.

This equipment like all safety sensitive equipment must be checked for proper installation and operation each time before setting out on the water.

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