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Who we are and What we do

Stain-Fast started as a Stainless Hardware company in 1989. Over the years we diversified the product range and the customers that we sold to. One of the main  industries that we sold to was the recreational boat builders.

In 2009 we  started an Internet E-Commerce Store Stain-Fast Marine Products .We Specialize  in North American manufactured Marine Ropes that we fabricate into Dock Lines, Anchor Lines, Fender Lines, Sheets and Halyards.

What we do

We fabricate these Nylon Double Braid Ropes into Anchor Lines, Dock Lines, Fender Lines, Polyester Double Braid Ropes into Control Sheets and Halyards. MFP Ropes  into Floating Heaving/Rescue Lines and Dock Lines, 

It is very important to match the rope diameter to the boat size. Undersized or damaged lines may fail even under normal water conditions. Over sized ropes may not stretch under heavy loading, increasing the shock loading on deck hardware that could fail or dislodge the anchor. Help protect your craft in all conditions by using properly sizes lines.

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