What WE Do :


 We Fabricate High Quality Marine Lines

Nylon Double Braid Ropes into Dock Lines,  Anchor Lines,  Fender Lines,      
Polyester Double Braid Ropes into Sheets & Halyards 
MFP  Braid into Floating Heaving Lines & Floating Dock Lines 

GPS Chart Plotter

We Stock ONWA GPS Chart Plotters with Detailed Charts 

GPS Chart Plotters 
GPS Chart Plotters with AIS (Automatic Identification System)
GPS Chart Plotters with Sonar (Fish Finders) All Systems include Charts of Your Sailing  AREA

 Who we are

Stain-Fast  started as a Stainless Industrial Hardware Company in 1989. Over the years we diversified the product range and our Customers that we sold to. One of the main  industries that we sold to was the recreational boat builders.
In 2009 we started an Internet E-Commerce Store. Stain-Fast Marine Products, specializes in Quality Marine Lines. We purchase our ropes in bulk from  Canadian Rope Manufacturers.

Stain-Fast Marine Products is now selling Onwa GPS Chart Plotters. This Company is recognized world wide for their High Quality Marine Electronics. We include North America or Other World Area  CHARTS of  your sailing area at no extra costs.

We Purchase Marine Grade ropes in bulk spools from Canadian Rope Manufacturers
All Stain-Fast Rope products are made from the best quality Marine Grade NYLON , POLYESTER and MFP fibers for added strength and longer durability. Our Lines resist deterioration from UV,mildew, gas, oil, seawater and bacteria.
Stain-Fast ropes have been used for many years in various marine environments fresh water and sea water.These lines provide maximum protection and value for your dollar.
What we do
We fabricate Nylon Double Braid Ropes into Anchor Lines, Dock Lines, Fender Lines.  Nylon rope will stretch when a load is applied, the elastic elongation is approx 20%. The main benefit of this property is that nylon rope will absorb a certain amount of shock loading at anchor or tied up to a Dock  during normal or adverse conditions.,
Breaking Strength
Nylon Double Braid Rope has a high breaking load (BL) strength : 3/8 Dia (BL) Strength 5000 lb, 1/2 dia (BL) Strength 8000 lb , 5/8 Dia (BL) Strength 14900 lb, 3/4 Dia (BL) Strength 19000 lb ,7/8 Dia (BL) Strength 26000 lb, 1 Dia (BL) Strength 31000 lb
We fabricate Polyester Double Braid, Low Stretch & High Strength Rope, into Control Sheets and Halyards.
Breaking Strength
Polyester Double Braid Rope has low stretch and a high breaking load (BL) strength : 3/8 Dia (BL) Strength 4800 lb, 1/2 dia (BL) Strength 9000 lb , 5/8 Dia (BL) Strength 15300 lb, 3/4 Dia (BL) Strength 19000 lb ,7/8 Dia (BL) Strength 27500 lb  1" Dia (BL) Strength 34000 lb
We fabricate MFP Hollow braid or Double Braid into Floating Heaving/Rescue Lines, Dock Lines.
It is very important to match the rope diameter to the boat size. Undersized or damaged lines may fail even under normal water conditions. Over sized ropes may not stretch under heavy loading, increasing the shock loading on deck hardware that could fail or dislodge the anchor. Help protect your craft in all conditions by using properly sizes lines.


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