Nylon Double Braid Anchor / Mooring Lines

Anchor Line / Anchor Rode


Stain-Fast Made in Canada  Anchor Lines

All of our Standard Anchor Lines are made from double braid nylon ropes. We splice a stainless steel thimble on one end, the other end is Heat Sealed to prevent the rope from unraveling.

A Nylon rope will stretch when a load is applied, the elastic elongation is approx 20%. The main benefit of this property is that nylon rope will absorb a certain amount of shock loading at anchor during normal or adverse conditions.

Our Anchor Rodes are made from nylon double braid rope and a length of T316 stainless steel chain. The chain can be attached to the thimble end of the rope by a shackle, or the rope can be spliced directly onto the end link of the chain. The chain is normally 1/2 the size of the rope eg: 1/2 dia rope would use 1/4 dia link size chain. The chain attached between the rope end and the anchor can help when setting the anchor and reduce the effect of the wind or wave action.

Our standard anchor line rope colour is white and T316 stainless chain is PROOF COIL link size.

These lines when properly attached to the boat and the securely set anchor(s) will allow you to stop for a swim, enjoy the solitude and scenery, fish for a while, cook a delicious meal or stay over for the night. When setting out on a voyage plan your overnight stays in sheltered areas if possible. Weather conditions will influence where you stay, on the hook in a sheltered bay, or seek safety at a Yacht Club, Marina or a public/private wharf.

It is very important to match the rope diameter to the boat size. Undersized or damaged lines may fail even under normal water conditions. Over sized ropes may not stretch under heavy loading, increasing the shock loading on deck hardware that could fail or dislodge the anchor. Help protect your craft in all conditions by using properly sizes lines.

Nylon Double Braid Rope has a high breaking load (BL) strength : 3/8 Dia (BL) Strength 5000 lb, 1/2 dia (BL) Strength 8000 lb , 5/8 Dia (BL) Strength 14900 lb, 3/4 Dia (BL) Strength 19000 lb ,7/8 Dia (BL) Strength 26000 lb, 1 Dia (BL) Strength 31000 lb

When choosing anchor lines you might consider more than the rope (BL) strength and length. Are you able to grip the rope tightly without wrapping it around you hand? What size is easier to handle eg: 3/8 dia or 1/2 dia? Is your deck hardware designed for a maximum rope size? etc

It is a very dangerous practice to wrap the anchor line around your hand, you can be pulled into the water or injure your hand if the line becomes taut.

Our anchor lines are designed to secure Sailboats, Power Boats, Pontoon Boats, House Boats, Personal Water Craft, canoes and other water craft at anchor.

Other uses include Small aircraft Tie Downs, All Terrain Vehicles, Forestry, Utilities, Agriculture, Hunting, Transport, Climbing and Rescue

Marine Lines : As with all safety equipment the boat owner, operator, user has the final responsibility to ensure the safety of the craft and all on board.
This equipment like all safety sensitive equipment must be checked for proper installation and operation each time before setting out on the water.