Anchor Lines White Nylon D- Braid .375(3/8)DIA


Stain Fast – Made in Canada – WHITE Nylon Double Braid Anchor Lines

Nylon Double braid Anchor Lines 3/8 dia, Tensile Strength (Breaking load) 5000lbs. We splice a stainless steel thimble   on one end, the other end is Heat Sealed to prevent the rope from unraveling.
Designed for Canoes, PWC Personal Water Craft, Fishing Boats,Runabouts, Sail Boats under 20ft

Nylon Double Braid Rope has good ware resistance and ultraviolet protection. It also has a high breaking load (BL) Strength :: 3/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 5000lbs 1/2 dia (BL) Strength approx 8000lbs 5/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 15000lbs 3/4 dia (BL) Strength approx 19000lbs7/8 dia (BL) Strength approx 26000lbs 1 dia (BL) Strength approx

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Stain Fast – Made in Canada – WHITE Nylon Double Braid 3/8 Dia Anchor Lines.

All of our anchor lines have a spliced in STAINLESS STEEL THIMBLE one end. the other end is heat sealed to prevent fraying.

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100ft, 150ft, 200ft, 50ft, 75ft


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